Our Why?

To explain why, I need to explain some of the background:

A passion for shared experience

We share a passion for being outdoors (especially in the mountains), we love sharing that with others and we enjoy full of flavour, healthy food.

Pure potentiality

Bringing together folks who I know will get along is a huge thrill – that moment when the conversation flows, ideas tumble… It’s that spark of creativity which is the essence of life and business for me – that moment of pure potentiality which can lead anywhere…

Video sparks

At the beginning of last year, we (that is Alicja and Marc) were kicking around ideas for events which could combine our joint passions – nature, people and creating connections. Snap to Chris Marr’s fabulous CMA Live event in Edinburgh during June and we’re being strongly encouraged to publish video online…

But what to share???

A few weeks later and one morning, I decided to record a favourite walk near our home here in Andorra. After posting to my blog a friend and fellow CMA attendee, Phyl Morgan, reposted my video to facebook with the question: ‘I need 60 friends to join me in July 2018 to climb the mountain‘. Queue lot of interest from mutual friends and colleagues. This helped crystallise our thoughts in that direction…

Mastermind Dinners

Further inspiration came in the form of Jason Gaignard’s mastermind dinners – a book I had read some time before and now seemed really pertinent.

In the autumn of 2017 we brought together 8 people from different walks of life who we know well and who we know share similar life values. We hosted two separate dinners with slightly different people at each dinner.

The results were outstanding. Not only did we have fun, eat great food and share some good conversation, but new business is being done, including investment in a new start-up – directly as a result of connections made at those dinners…

All because we had an idea, posted a video and invited people to dinner.

How to amplify this?

How to harness the magic of those dinners – how to make that a thing? Cue great clarity from Alastair Howard-Dobson, one of our dinner guests, who spelled it out. Just get the right people together, preferably in exceptional surroundings, give them experiences which allow them to get to know each other better and let it happen….

So here we are – summer 2018 announcing our first Rippl Community event – Summer 2018 Andorra.